The Scamcast with Kitboga

How I Tricked Scammers Into Working For My Fake Business Part 2 - Ep 11

June 20, 2022 Kitboga Episode 11
The Scamcast with Kitboga
How I Tricked Scammers Into Working For My Fake Business Part 2 - Ep 11
Show Notes

This is Part 2 when a scammer tries to "save" my job while I go to get him Apple gift cards.  He tries to help Kelly (me) by calling her coworkers and doing everything her boss has asked so she doesn’t get fired. 





Call Synopsis: Nevaeh (Kelly Blubock) calls Geek Squad customer service for a Norton antivirus email. Kelly opts to cancel the $369 (nice) antivirus. Grace connects to her computer before transferring her to billing manager Jack. Kelly is working from home (HR) and must call employees and give them the quarterly TPS report. Jack shows her their official business bank (the Chase Business Bank Demo) and then has Kelly log into her bank so he can “merge the banks” and make the transfer. While this is going on, she works her way down the call list and eventually fires Randy. Jack asks her if she has any cryptocurrencies after seeing her bank account and Kelly informs him he gave her ex bf Gabe “like 100 bitcoin” for his birthday back when it was worth very little. Jack shows her the current price and tells her she made the biggest mistake of her life because she would have $4M now.

Kelly’s bad day is about to get worse because she fired the wrong person – instead of Andy, she fired Randy. On top of that, when Jack initiates the transfer of her refund to her bank using cmd prompt (aka “the banking server page of Microsoft”), Kelly mistakenly types $5,000 instead of $500 which is reflected in her bank account, and he tells her she might go to prison. To fix her mistake, she needs to go get Apple gift cards but since she’s working, she convinces Jack (and Mark who ended up helping with calls) to call employees and give them the survey. Jack also needs to fire Andy. Even after a near flawless execution of tasks, Kelly loses her job. Jack says he will call her boss Kevin and explain everything to him. He (and Mark?) calls him and full blown confesses that he’s a scammer and that he threatened Kelly to get her to go get gift cards and begs him to give her the job back.

Jack calls Kelly back and tells her he told Kevin everything, breaking down dramatically and crying in an Oscar-worthy performance. For making such a noble sacrifice and lying for the first time in his life, Kelly needs to give him the cards. Kevin decides to suspend Kelly with no pay instead of firing her and Kelly thanks Jack for talking to him, telling him that she will give him the cards once the whole job thing is figured out. Jack threatens to call Kevin back and tell him that he lied and Kelly was doing this for money so she’ll lose her job again, but she promises to get him the cards, leaving things in limbo.