The Scamcast with Kitboga

Scammer Forgets To Mute - Embarrassing Scam Fail - Ep 4

April 10, 2022 Kitboga Episode 4
The Scamcast with Kitboga
Scammer Forgets To Mute - Embarrassing Scam Fail - Ep 4
Show Notes

In this episode of the Scamcast, Nevaeh talks to a McAfee scammer to cancel her subscription from a renewal notice. While removing services this scammer finds 

In this episode I play “Kelly” who is talking to a scammer who claims to be removing the McAfee subscription from my computer. While he’s on my virtual computer he finds fake viruses and claims hackers are on the PC. 

In order to be safe, she needs to buy a new IP address and let’s just say he ends up giving a whole new meaning to IP. 





Kit (Nevaeh as Kelly) calls McAfee scammer David (later transferred to Terrance) about a subscription  renewal notice. She wants to cancel, but when the scammer connects to remove the services, he uses CMD prompt, the latest in antivirus and antihacking technology, and discovers she has hackers on her computer. He delivers the devastating news that her computer will no longer function after a week  because of viruses the hackers put on her computer causing stopped processes. He can’t help remove the hackers or the viruses so he gives her a totally legit number for Geek Squad, aka his buddy Peter in the same call center. After discovering the same hackers Terrance did, he informs her she needs a new private IP address because her public one is available to hackers like an “open book” thanks to North Korea. He offers to get her one for the low price of $180 for a 2-year plan. Inevitably, nature calls and  mid-sales pitch for this exciting offer, Peter forgets to mute his phone and audibly pees while on the call bringing a whole new meaning to IP. Embarrassed, he tries to play it off by saying another customer was playing a YouTube video which caused that sound.